Dive sites

From shallow water training sites to deep dives, we have them all!

1.Moray Point

Travel Time: 15 minutes
12-18 meters

Moray Point is situated in Mirissa, this rocky reef is home to some hawksbill sea turtles, oriental sweetlips, titan triggerfish, different kinds of moray eels ( as the name suggests!) and even surprise visits from whale sharks. 

There are few other dive sites scattered around this main dive site if you want to explore more. Moray Point dive site has good underwater visibility, around 10-15 meters on most of the days. 

2. Rock wall

Travel Time: 15 minutes
18-22 meters

Blessed with a couple of big rock boulders, this site can be a good place to dive to see huge schools of fish swimming around. If you are lucky, you might come across a curious octopus or a cuttlefish.  

Some scattered small table corals can be found in this area. And this place has many hiding grounds for a variety of reef fish. 

3.Octopus Point

Travel Time: 10-12 minutes
 15-22 meters

The name comes from a very elusive octopus friend we sometimes see in this reef. This site is a remnant of an old coral reef and some structures can be still seen today. 

A major part of the site has a sandy bottom, and this site is better for macro photography as there is a lot of nudibranchs and small critters can be observed here. 

4. Yala Rock

Travel Time: 25-30 minutes
18-24 meters

This is an impressive rocky reef with few rock formations and pinnacles rise up to 5m below the water. There are a couple of caves and swim-throughs which you can explore. 

Overall visibility can be average on most of the days, but it doesn’t take away the fun at all. You can see schools of snappers and surgeons, lionfishes gliding on the bottom and even stone fishes around the ledges.