World Cleanup Day 2019

World Cleanup Day 2019

World Cleanup Day 2019 was held on the 21st of September 2019 and Polhena Diving Center partnered up other eco-friendly organizations to clean up Thotamuna-Paramulla beach stretch.

Partnering UP!

event stakeholders
Event stakeholders

When we were approached by our friends, Blue Resources trust to introduce Mai Globe Travels team and their interest in doing a cleanup we said yes! What better way to celebrate the world cleanup day other than doing a beach cleanup!

Our partners in Crime (crimes such as beach cleanups, marine conservation..you know) The Doctor’s House and the Drivethru Surf Hostels jumped onboard without thinking twice. We have been working together for all of our major cleanups and they have been an immense help.

Our new friends at Culture resort were happy to offer their place to conduct an awareness program and also decided to feed our hungry volunteers. OCEA , our partner for the Sri Lankan Turtle ID project made a donation to buy cleanup supplies. Rotaract club of kadawatha was also thrilled to visit and help out.

Cleanup Day

Surprised by heavy rains – not a good start!

polhena beach cleanup volunteers
moments before the dripping turned into a heavy rain

Everybody gathered in Polhena beach on the 21st of October at 8.30 with a smile on their faces. Little did we know that rain was waiting to welcome us! 72 of us were all soaked by 8.45 a.m. and the rains didn’t seem to stop.

So we did what we do best, We pushed on. people who had raincoats? let’s don them. People who didn’t? It doesn’t matter, let’s just hide our phones and let’s get wet!

polhena diving volunteers
soaked to the bones but morals were high!

15kgs of Flipflops? my my!!

by 11.00 a.m. the rains decided to stop, everybody was dripping rainwater, bags full of trash, and very hungry. So we decided to move on to the next phase and started segregating and loading the collected rubbish.

• 205kgs of plastic bottles and hard plastics, 72kgs of glass bottles submitted to Thalpe Recycling Center
• 15kgs of flipflops, 104kgs of random trash, 10kgs of Styrofoam waste collected and disposed of.

And the beach still got more trash enough to load 3 trucks. We are planning to clean the rest in another cleanup. Of course before the next world cleanup day.

cleanup day recyclable trash
Thalpe recycling center took a truck full of recyclables
cleanup day polhena trash
And we took another truckload of non recyclables.

Coffees, Snacks, and presentations

We gathered at the Culture Resort hotel to devour some snacks and listen to a presentation done by Gayashan @BRT. It was about plastic pollution and how to prevent, reduce, and recycle.

Blue resources trust presentation in Polhena
volunteers listening to BRT’s presentation.

A Day Well Done!

Despite the rain, The beach cleanup for the world cleanup day went amazingly well. We managed to remove significant amounts of trash from the beach, became more knowledgeable, learned things new, and made amazing friends.

72 volunteers of the beach cleanup Polhena
the happy bunch!

Our sincere gratitude goes,

• To our amazing community partners, The Doctor’s House, Drivethru surf camps and MaiGlobe Travels for helping the project providing volunteers, event supplies and planning to make this event a well-organized event.

• Culture Resort – Polhena, for going beyond the requested number of snacks and seating and gladly provided the additional requests with a moment notice.

• Blue Resources Trust, for their continuous collaboration with various organizations to promote marine conservation and inspire people.

• OCEA, for helping out with last-minute requirements and weighing the segregated trash.

• Clive and Naveen from Talpe Recycling, for supporting us by taking the Recyclable waste. Since our last cleanup, they have done a great help by recycling most of the waste without letting them end up in landfills or back in the ocean.

• Our team members, who are willing to jump into anything without questions.

• The volunteers, who didn’t mind the rain at all and kept going.

• Each and Everyone whose names not mentioned but helped the event in various ways.

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