Sri Lankan Turtle ID Project

Sri Lankan Turtle ID Project

We’ve been working on a turtle database and we would like to request your support to get more submissions for it.
Did you know that each side profile of the face of a turtle is unique and can be used like fingerprints to ID them?
So if you have any closeups of the turtles you’ve been lucky to see in Sri Lankan waters, Let me know!

What kinds of photos we are expecting? The Side profile of the face!
For reference, see the picture.

The most important part of the photograph is a direct side profile of the face. . We prioritize the cheek area of the face because unlike the fins, shell, or tail, the scales on their face are not likely to change throughout the turtle’s lifetime and the cheek offers an easy, flat surface to photograph.

Along with the photograph, Please sent the following info as well 🙂 If you don’t recall some of the info below, Doesn’t matter. we are still grateful for the help! Oh btw you can name your turtle if it is happened to be a new entry.

⦁ location
⦁ date
⦁ time

Your submission will help to create an islandwide database to monitor the turtle migrations and other relevant info for researchers. Feel free to reach out if you are curious!

The new website is launched you can try it here.

Add your submissions by clicking here via the online uploader. Our analysts will get in touch with you soon after for relevant info.


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