Enjoy the best snorkeling in Polhena


Polhena Day Snorkeling
$18Per Person

What You Get for the Price

  • One and half hour of snorkeling.
  • Professional and Friendly Guides.
  • Transport from the dive shop to the reef and back.
  • Washroom facilities @ the Dive center.
  • Full set of equipment.  (Snorkel, Mask, Fins )
  • Life Jackets if needed.

Polhena reef was heavily damaged by the 2004 Tsunami and more than 90% of it’s coral cover is gone by today. However, Polhena Diving Center and few organizations started a joint project to create an artificial reef to conserve this beautiful ecosystem. 

Snorkeling in Polhena is famous among the travelers for its resident Green Turtles. There are more than 5 fully grown green turtles who call the reef as their home and really friendly towards swimmers. We even have a photo identification system for them too! 

Despite having a spearhead formation towards the ocean, The reef blocks all the heavy waves around the reef, results in a 3 to 8 feet deep, 300 meter long natural pool where you can swim peacefully.

Interested? We do have custom packages too!

Pool like conditions? Check.

Be surrounded with friendly fishes and get life tips from wise turtles? Check Check! 

Good times? Aniwa Defa!!!