Beach & Underwater Cleanup 2019

Beach & Underwater Cleanup 2019

It is time to give back! We will be hosting our annual Beach and underwater cleanup program on the 16th of March 2019.


Clean the Polhena- Madiha coastal belt and the streets from all the Plastics, Polythene, Metal Cans, And all the other man made garbage and Segregate them in order to recycle them.
Use any fundraising money to put up garbage disposal bins along the road.

Also we will be cleaning all of our underwater dive sites. And get rid of all the Fishing nets and other hazardous objects and take them to the shore! ofc to dispose them properly.

We are looking for:

Volunteers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty!
And anyone who can sponsor for few stuff such as food, refreshments, cleaning equipment (Gloves, Bags) and with Documenting and providing Photo/ Video footage.

We are also looking for underwater photographers to help documenting our underwater cleanups.

We will be updating this event page as we progress! Keep in touch!S

Polhena Diving Center — The cleanup will happen with the collaboration of Marine Environmental Protection Authority, The Doctor’s House, Talpe Recycling Center, and other stakeholders


use the above link to get access to our 2019 project report

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